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I'm 8 weeks today and due on May 1st! I waited to post until we had our first ultrasound (measured right on time, good heartbeat) because I had a lot of spotting ever since my BFP, I was a little worried.

I'm 33, happily married and have a 2 1/2 year old son. We live in Atlanta, GA and I work full time.

Currently very nauseous (luckily no puke), tired and a little cranky. But happy to be pregnant after trying for 8 cycles!

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi all! Another newcomer. 6+2 weeks I think, due May 13th according to my calculation (though the doctor insists on going by first day of last period, even though I KNOW I ovulated on day 28 of the last cycle!).

Second baby. DD1 is 23 months, still breastfed, and not sure how we're handling that. Kind of don't want to tandem nurse but I'm not ruling anything out!

Not much sickness, but OMG so tired. Got a cold as well which isn't helping. The only things which seems to make me feel better is eating, so I'm snacking all day long. I am going to pile on the pounds this trimester I know!!

Still Here!

I’m still here, and definitely still pregnant. I took another test yesterday at 14 DPO, and it was a positive within about 15 seconds. Not a faint line, either, the test line was the same dark shade as the control line pretty much immediately after I peed on it. So my little girlie will be a big sister in less than 9 months. I’m totally overwhelmed at having two children, especially two under two years old. But I’m thrilled at the same time. I’m nauseated, peeing all the time, and exhausted. All good signs! Occasional cramping, but nothing painful or consistent. So I have every reason to believe that this is a sticky bean, unlike the one I lost a couple months ago. Looks like I’m here for the long haul! :D

Sep. 14th, 2012

Hello! I'm Hannah and I'm due May 14, which I guess makes me 5 weeks 3 days today. I'm 24 and this is the first time I've ever been pregnant, so naturally I am terrified. I keep crying with happiness every time it actually enters my head that I'm pregnant, then I want to cry in terror at the thought of all the bad things that could happen.
I'm recovering from anorexia, which makes things particularly difficult. I'm actually slightly overweight at the moment, as the last six months we've been trying I've been eating really well and my body hasn't really known what to do with the unexpected food so I've packed on about 20kg (45lbs), making it a total 35kg or 77lb gain over my recovery. It is totally worth it now, but I know it might be difficult as I get bigger (fingers crossed) which worries me.
Does anyone else already have morning sickness? I completely didn't expect it this early, but the last few days I've been feeling queasy from getting up to going to sleep, with it being worse in the afternoon. I've also been getting lots of cramping, which freaks me out every time. I really don't know what pregnancy feels like, so everything my body does is terrifying to me.
I'm really excited to meet others, and really hoping that those who've been pregnant before can help ease my terror.

Tentative Intro

I might be jumping the gun here, but I’m tentatively joining all you May mamas. I’m only 11 DPO, and the last time I got a positive pee stick, I had a chemical pregnancy. So I’m hoping and praying that this one sticks.

Anyway, a quick intro. I have a 13.5 month old little girlie named Haylie, and I’m totally excited for her to be a big sister. She’ll be around 22 months old when baby comes. I’m 26, married, and we live in Kansas City, MO. If this little bean decides to hang on, my due date is May 24th. I went 8 days overdue with my daughter before I had an emergency c-section, so I fully expect to go over again. We’re planning a home waterbirth with a midwife this go around.

That’s it in a nutshell. I hope I’ll be getting to know you all over the next 9 months and beyond!


Hello! I'm Stephanie, mother to Gage (3) and Tatum (1). I *just* found out this evening that my husband and I are expecting a third baby!

This was a total surprise, especially since we were taking precautions to prevent pregnancy, but I believe that babies choose when they want to arrive, so I'm pretty excited about this!

I am a part-time music teacher, and a SAHM as much as possible. I also SUCK at being pregnant, so prepare to hear me whining a lot! :-)

I believe my due date is May 4.

Hello and Welcome!

Well last night I took a pregnancy test after coming back from a run with a friend because my "boobs hurt". LOL!

Stopped at the dollar general store and picked up a 1.00 test, and "pregnant" showed up rather quickly.

So here we are, I didn't see any other May groups yet so I created one!

This will be my 3rd and last child. I have a 7 year old boy named Hunter, and a almost 5 year old daughter Evie. We weren't preventing and I was just thinking about telling my husband, Maybe we shouldn't have any more. So I'm very shocked. Sort of excited. Scared!!!

I'm due May 5th.


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