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For those expecting little ones in May 2013

May Babies of 2013!
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May 2013 due date group
Welcome to the May 2013 due date community! This is a community for those expecting babies in May 2013 (April and June due dates welcome as well)!

This community is open, but entries should be members-only, so as to provide a safe space to post and discuss private matters relating to pregnancy.

1. Introduce yourself when you join (see survey below).
2. Put all images and sensitive topics behind a cut.
3. This is a private community. Let's keep it that way! Private matters discussed here should stay here.
4. Due date communities tend to be drama-free; let's all be respectful to one another!

Introduction Survey
1. What is your name/nickname/what would you like to be called?
2. What is your partner's name?
3. Where in the world are you?
4. Age?
5. When is your baby due?
6. What sort of birth are you hoping for?
7. Do you plan to find out the sex?
8. Is this your first baby? If not, how many children do you have?
9. Do you have any names in mind?
10. What are you the most excited about?
11. What are you the most nervous about?
12. Any other information you'd like to add?

Weekly Updates
We will do weekly posts where members can update us on how their pregnancies are going. Update questions will be posted on Mondays, and members should respond as a comment to that post.
1. How far along are you?
2. How are you feeling physically?
3. What's happening mentally and emotionally?
4. What are you reading, watching or doing this week?
5. What are you craving, if anything?
6. Any questions/comments/random things to share?